Two friends travel across the country, through the Portuguese Wine Route, looking to know and learn more about wine.

    José Fidalgo, a Portuguese actor who knows little about wine, challenges a wine expert, his friend Hélder Cunha, to take part on a trip through the Wine Route and teach him what he knows. Hélder is truly passionate about wine and shows this passion with great enthusiasm, while José has always one more question to ask.

    In a relaxed environment, almost like an adventure, we follow these friends on an exciting motorcycle trip. José and Hélder head out determined to travel through the country, visiting caves, farms, producers and cooperatives from various wine regions. We follow them as they trace every area and every person who knows about wine. We listen to stories, visit places and watch wine tastings before we move on to a new stage.

    José and Hélder don’t just care about wine, they also want to learn about the best of each region, visit their tourist attractions, taste its food and talk to the locals who know it best and, obviously, are also interested in wine. And so, in each episode we will have a special guest who welcomes our travellers and works as an “ambassador” of the region.

    In a humble tone, the two friends help us discover everything there is to know about wine. José Fidalgo, not knowing a lot about the matter, asks the questions any one of us might ask. Hélder Cunha has been given the task of answering these questions with simplicity, using accessible everyday language. He passes on knowledge, gives advice and tells stories.

    Wine Route is a magazine, in a “road movie” format, on a weekly basis, in which each episode is dedicated to a region, a wine road. During the show we take part on a motorcycle journey through the country and the adventures of two friends, actor and wine expert. In a good-humoured way we learn how to taste wine, the culture of the vineyard and the wine producing regions of Portugal. A show that talks about wine in a relaxed way and that shows the best that is done in our country.